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past shows + events

11.25.2018 The Carleton- Kaia Kater CD Release (Halifax, NS)

11.08.2018 Fort Massey United Churcch (Erin Costelo CD Release) (Halifax, NS)

11.01.2018 Marigold Cultural Centre, Nova Scotia Music Week 2018 (Truro, NS)

10.18.2018 The Burdock (Toronto, ON)

10.19.2018 The Cornerstone (Guelph, ON)

10.20.2018 Manantler Brewing Co. (Bowmanville, ON)

10.21.2018 Grog's Pub and Grill (Thedford, ON)

10.24.2018 The Garnet (Peterborough, ON)

10.25.2018 Musiikki (Kingston, ON)

10.26.2018 Bar Robo (Ottawa, ON)

09.01.2018 HUFF presents Tim Baker (The Carleton, Halifax, NS)


04.20.2018 ECMA FRIDAYS (Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel, Halifax, NS)

04.04.2018 THAW OUT: IDOW FUNDRAISER (The Carleton, Halifax, NS)

03.23.2018 WILDEST DREAMS: TAYLOR SWIFT TRIBUTE (The Seahorse, Halifax, NS)

03.22.2018 WILDEST DREAMS: TAYLOR SWIFT TRIBUTE (The Seahorse, Halifax, NS)

01.18.2018 IN THE DEAD OF WINTER (Good Robot, Halifax, NS)

01.19.2018 IN THE DEAD OF WINTER (The Carleton, Halifax, NS)